Smart Parenting
How to Develop Your Child's Mindset, Resilience and Courage for the Future of Work



Are you concerned about the gap between what your child is being taught at school and the rapidly changing job market?

Are you worried about the increasing stress placed on your child and the growing mental health problems of our younger generation?
You are not alone. The future our children are growing up into is so different from what we know, and with the rise of artificial intelligence and robotics, the future of work is almost unimaginable.

The good news is there is so much you can do as a parent to prepare your child for the future of work. We may not know what skills they will require for jobs that have not yet been created, but there are skills we can learn as parents that will equip our children with the capability, creativity and resourcefulness that is key to this new world. This book will show you how.

Dina Cooper has been sharing these skills with parents for seven years, helping them to take the pressure off themselves, become more confident in their parenting and build deeper connections with their children.
I am a better person and mum to my children as I have confidence and understanding on what my values and beliefs are. I’m really enjoying giving new things a go as I’m not afraid of failure – being really bad at something means I’m learning something new and exciting!

Sally – mum of two

​​​​​​​The mindset and concepts are so simple but life changing.

Jane – mum of three